Friday 28 July 2006

Oman: ostriches and crocs??

This weekend’s activities included a trip to As Sawadi Beach Resort, about 70kms west of Muscat. From here it is possible to walk to Suwadi Island at low tide which was not for another 5 hours so we switched to filling our tummies instead. We partook of a somewhat disappointing buffet lunch at the ‘resort’ before heading off to an ostrich farm a few kilometres south of Barka (no thanks to the appalling directions in our guidebook).

Sadly, the ramshackle buildings matched the conditions of the birds. After a brief visit, we were enticed to see crocodiles (eh?) being fed by a guy who threw large chunks of meat at three of the twenty beasts residing in a muddy pit the size of Teddington baby pool. I snapped obligingly before beating a hasty retreat.

I'll need to look up the Arabic for 'crocodile' and 'ostrich' to discuss the weekend's activities with the chaps at work tomorrow. Two very useful additions to my vocabulary.

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