Sunday 31 December 2006

Oman: back to Muscat

At sunrise the bay was eerily quiet without a single dhow or fishing boat. Following breakfast (at which Miles emerged for the first time) and a family confabulation, it was decided to not stay for a second day at the Turtle Beach Resort. We pooled all the money we had to pay the bill and pointed the cars in the Sur direction, stopping at the dhow boat yard to remind Mark of his days at Tuft's. Most of the boats we saw a few weeks ago had been replaced by different craft and there were many smaller 20-oared racing boats.

Around midday prayer time large numbers of men in their best dishdashas and turbans bustled around the houses of Sur visiting relatives on this second day of Eid al Adha. We even spotted a Shuwa pit being uncovered revealing the goat or cow contents wrapped in palm leaves.

Continuing on, we stopped for lunch north of the Wahiba in a remote lunar landscape location. With full bellies we steered northwest-ish over the mountains to Bidbid and Muscat with a brief detour to the edge of the Wahiba where we were acosted by the same chap we met a year ago. We declined the invitation to his house this time.

Back on the main road to Muscat, a car flashed Mark to let him know that one of the rear wheels (the spare) was wobbling – after checking we limped back home at a more cautionary speed. Mark arrived home with all four wheels.

That evening most of us managed to stay awake enough to recognise that it was midnight. It will be recorded here that Louisa's resolution was to tidy her bedroom. Kate passed wind for 2007. Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

hello from falmouth...
missing you, and the sun!
send my love to the family

Anonymous said...

Hi there

Happy New Year from Tooting. Have just managed to have a look at your wonderful web site. What a fantastic life you are leading!!!!

I was very pleased to receive your Christmas greeting.

Sounds as if you had a great festive time with all the family.

I have spent some time out in Muscat a few years ago making a video for the government, all about the Parks,Palaces,Grand hotels and the roundabouts with coffee pots on!!!! I didn't manage to go to the beach though and that looks superb.

We have had a very busy Christmas with Jasons sister coming to stay for a week with her 5 and 9 year old boys. Matilda and Scarlet have been very excited!!!

Matilda is about to turn 7 and Scarlet has just turned 5. Do you have an email address and I will send some pictures.

Mine is

I'm hoping to catch up with your Mum and Dad at the end of the month.

Lots of Love
Mandy, Jason, Matilda and Scarlet xxxxxx