Saturday 30 December 2006

Oman: trip to Ras al Hadd

Evidence of the recent rain was everywhere – debris wrapped around trees in wadis, patches of fresh green tufty scrub and large chunks of missing road. Mark enjoyed the drive on the (rapidly deteriorating) graded roads along the coast road to Sur and was rewarded with his first desert puncture.

After a brief picnic stop on Tiwi beach, we continued on to Sur and Ras al Hadd to the Turtle Beach Resort. Although it is one of our favourite spots in Oman, it may not be everyone's cup of tea and comments on its prison camp qualities are understood.

We had hoped that a change of scenery would do Miles some good but he did not show much sign of improvement. Warm mint tea is his best friend at the moment. At sunset we sat in the restaurant overlooking the beach for a few beers before dinner comprising the usual barbecued fish and chicken with superb home cooked potato-flavoured chips. A rare treat.

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