Friday 29 December 2006

Oman: fish

Mark and I went to Mutrah fish market, which was surprisingly quiet considering it was the day before Eid. We bought Kingfish to barbeque and a nice bit of shark for the cats.

In the afternoon, Mrs M took Kate, Mark and Louisa to the Shafaq club to lightly toast by the pool while I planned the barbeque menu. I found an okra graveyard in a local supermarket and picked out those that were not runny. That evening my sous chef Kate helped prepare the veg, although she occasionally lacked focus. I concentrated on the sweet rice also known as Bahraini pearl divers' rice due to the extended time they could remain underwater when carbo-loaded with the stuff. Mark brought the marinated fish to a perfect conclusion and the entire ensemble was consumed with much ooing and aaahing.

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