Friday 22 December 2006

Oman: Christmas dinner commences....

The removal of the turkey from the freezer marked the start of formal Christmas dinner preparations. Mrs M and Mark went on an early morning expedition for sprouts and seasonal trimmings, returning with an unexpected bonus of turnips to make Christmas dinner tent pegs.

An afternoon at the Dive Centre allowed a spot of basking in the sunshine which is beginning to re-emerge after a few weeks' winter holiday. An unusually low tide meant a long walk just to get wet in the shallow bay and hitherto unseen razor sharp rocks inflicted injuries on several family members. We spared a thought for our Flossie who was at home being a student.

Later, while Al, Floss and I Christmas shopped, Mark prepared a slab of cow and big sister conjured up a Yorkshire pudding for the first time in many years. During consumption of this very tasty meal, Louisa successfully fought off several attacks for her portion of Yorkshire.


Jane Brooke said...

I am delighted to read reports of Kate, Mark, Louisa and Wolverine, and lok forward to more. Happy Christmas to All. Jane

Frances Brooke said...

Hi from the Ahmads in sunny South Africa. We have swum with penguins; zipwired through the tree canopy; been scared witless by enormous spiders which scuttle down under the level of the water in the swimming pool. How's the coast road between Muscat and Mutrah? I had some exciting times there 20 years ago! love to all