Thursday 11 January 2007

Oman: Tiwi camp

Under a blanket of thick cloud three cars bounced along the graded road to Tiwi which is looking more like a giant quarry every time we go. At (yet another) secret beach we pitched while making sucking noises looking at the black puffy things sticking to the mountains behind. It did not look good.

After a spot of fishing and (immensely successful) wood collection, three separate excessive consignments of food, each of which would have been enough for the other two, appeared in the early evening. My plan to create a heat dome over our tents to ward off the impending rain worked, although unplanned smoke may have also contributed. Then disaster struck as Russ' bottle of brandy had leaked on the journey leaving only a splash in the bottle. Despite attempts to lick the bottom of the camping box the precious nectar could not be saved. I suspect it will be in a petrol can next trip.

After hearty eating, Mrs M finished the meal by conducting a training class on the construction of the traditional American campfire treat known as 's'mores'. A marshmallow is heated over the fire to a warm gooey consistency and hastily whacked in between two Graham crackers and a slab of chocolate. Squeeze until slight oozing is visible and eat hoping the enamel on your teeth doesn't react to the intense sugar rush. A few weeks later, remove the packet half-opened biscuits from the kitchen cupboard.

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Russ and Elli said...

You forgot to mention that i got a very good for my chocolate/marsh mallow buscuit. Top Student or what!