Wednesday 21 February 2007

Oman: the fake compass

During a souq expedition, Ann could not resist a pashmina while John dismissed a poor shopkeeper's merchandise as fake Indian copies. The chap took notes so that the forgeries could be improved for future more gullible tourists. The shopping continued to include jewellery, necklaces and pendants. A much sought after coffee pot was also purchased from an Omani shopkeeper with a penchant for Birkenstock shoes and Liverpool FC. He did know a thing or two about coffee pots.

Guess what, I went to work.

In the evening Ann treated us to dinner at one of our favourite restaurants, the Tuscany at the Hyatt. We had an excellent table outside where we did battle with such delights as crab filled pancakes, duck, and squid ink risotto. Mrs M was however discontent with her dessert and ordered a second – a delicious panacota. Piggy.

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