Thursday 22 February 2007

Oman: oh fishy, fishy, fishy

In the wee hours of the morning we nipped to the fish market to savour one of the best cultural experiences in Muscat. New arrivals this week were hideously ugly looking brown groupers, some of which were making attempts to wriggle back to the sea. With bagfuls of shauns (search below for explanation), kingfish and shark for the cats, we wrestled through the narrow corridor of the vegetable market before heading back to a well-earned breakfast.

While approaching the Oman Dive Centre in the afternoon, the beach looked liked Hampton Court fair full of tents, balloons and more than a thousand guests who had taken over the entire site for the day. We therefore headed to the yacht club for the afternoon as there is little time left of the holiday to turn the colour and consistency of a pork scratching. Despite popcorn cloud, this was achieved. While cremating, Mrs M placed random numbers in squares in pursuance of her latest hobby of Sudoku.

As I did not go to work (hooorah) I barbequed fresh fish into the night.

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