Thursday 8 February 2007

Oman: the rescue

On a long beach run from the Intercon to Azaibah I noticed a group of local boys near wadi Al Udhaybah* chasing two birds which were flying only a few centimetres above the sand. They chased the birds into the sea where they tried to fly but could not lift off the surface. As the boys proudly walked away, the waves tossed the helpless birds along the shore. I waded in and grabbed one which had a loop of wire attached firmly to both legs – a triangular-shaped object was also attached to the wire. I picked up the distressed creature and took it a group of fisherman who helped to remove the wire. After placing the gull on the shore, it took the opportunity to clamp its beak around one of my fingers in gratitude before it flapped off into the sea, trying to lift off. At least that bird had a chance as the other must have drowned. I continued on with squelchy shoes and a heavy heart.

*'Udhaybah' is the correct official spelling of Azaibah, Athaibah, Azaiba or some other permutation on signs in the local area. Don't think I'll change the name of the blog just yet.

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