Wednesday 21 March 2007

Oman: bacon bits and Shepherds' pie

Our guests basked in the sunshine at the Oman Dive Centre today. Al claimed he lubed sufficiently but his lobster-like appearance particularly around the Jeff region (regular readers will know this the name for his stomach) suggests otherwise. A similar pattern was noticeable on some of our other guests. They are all as crisp and streaky as American bacon.

Pixi and Ava explored a nearby beach by lilo to write their names in the sand, while mother and Al snorked unperturbed by rumours of shark (which freaked Ava a little). Later that afternoon Ava whooped everyone's bottoms at Pop-n-hop which is a cheap imitation of a 60s game called Frustration, with the popamatic dice shaker.

A pre-baked Shepherds' pie was lustily consumed by all that evening in the front garden which was decorated with fairy lights, floating candles and lanterns. Pixi demonstrated exemplary survival skills at the table by fending of all attacks at her plate. Such Darwinian tactics were apparently ingrained at an early stage in her development.

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