Friday 23 March 2007

Oman: a nice tasty picnic in Nakhal

The team built hearty sandwiches around the kitchen table in preparation for the day's outing. Later that morning, overcast skies kept the heat down as we visited Nakhal fort which, Floss noted, looks like a giant sandcastle. Clambering over a German film crew, we toured the rooms and admired the simplicity of the design and beautiful restoration. After several thumbs-up photos, we drove to Nakhal springs through the rush hour congestion, squeezing the car through impossibly narrow spaces between badly parked cars.

We wandered to the springs past a chap attempting cool wheelies in his BMW while Britney Spears warbled from his stereo. At the quieter end of the warm stream, we picnicked on the sandwiches prepared earlier until departure across the rocky river bed.

On the way home we coordinated the transfer of a towing rope with Russ who was heading in the opposite direction. The rope had been involved in a recent turtle rescue, the details of which were relayed during the roadside rendezvous.

Back at base camp we dined inside, due to the unpleasant humidity, on takeaway from the Grill House. Everyone retired remarkably early, leaving me to train the GPS for more adventures.

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