Sunday 22 April 2007

Oman: all the sights

While Mrs M made miniscule adjustments to her hair, I took our guests for a bit of a whirlwind tour of the sights. First stop was the Grand Mosque where the coolness inside the prayer halls gave welcome relief to the heat reflected by the white marble. Walking back to the car we passed a 'don't you think I'm very glamorous?' woman being photographed by her local tour guide in the gardens. Somehow didn't seem appropriate, but the teams of workers in the grounds didn't seem to mind.

Due to a problem with the (recently fixed?) air conditioning in the tin car, we let things cool down before driving to Muttrah souq with all windows open to help us breathe.
The temperature outside the souq was 41C which did not bode well but the narrow corridors were surprisingly cool. Thankfully Kay and Mike were not tempted by pashminas, frankincense, antique(d) khanjas, coffee pots or clockwork camels and we emerged in record time. Onward to the palace. 

We stopped at the back of the modest stately mansion to look at the scribblings of ancient sailors on the rocks of Muscat Bay before driving around to the front. We considered popping in for tea but it would have been rude at such short notice, so we went to the marina for lunch, rendezvousing with Mrs M after her hair fluffing. Our guests were able to travel home in refrigerated luxury while I sweated it out in the tin box. Lovely.

After a recharging siesta, the chaps went for a walk on the beach while I dealt with domestic and vehicular matters. Dinner provided the opportunity for Mrs M to brief me on tomorrow's activities rather than having to use my psychic powers.

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