Saturday 21 April 2007

Oman: camp sweaty

At silly o'clock, I arose to take my usual walk among the crabs which always causes much chaotic sideways scuttling for cover. The low humidity soon gave way to disgustingly slimy humidity as the rest of the campers emerged from their sweat domes, not helped by the fire which I had resurrected for breakfast purposes. The aluminium trays worked beautifully for the bacon while the new kettle blackened nicely while making the water just about hot enough for tea to go with the bacon rolls.

We relaxed for the rest of the morning and tried to stay cool by dipping in the hot sea. Dark patches of fish drifted along the coast and one turtle was spotted coming up for air before diving down to harry the adjacent shoal. One team of flying fish also put on a short display for the only campers on the deserted beach. Mike and Mrs M went for a snork while I tried to photograph camera shy crabs on the rocks. To continue the wildlife theme, a family of camels drifted behind the camp, strolling from bush to bush to nibble juicy leaves from the recent rain.

After yet another dip after lunch it was time to pack up in the intense early afternoon humidity. One final dip was required before changing into dry clothes for the drive back to Muscat. Our guests helped with the chore of emptying the car and cleaning the smoky barbeque flavour equipment during what is usually one of Mrs M's high stress periods. After freshening, we nattered the evening away around huge stacks of spaggy bol.

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Anonymous said...

Steve tracked the camels through the camp, taking numerous photos until they got the HUMP with him :-). MB