Saturday 28 April 2007

Oman: a really crappy day

After driving to work in an airconditionless tin car, I made attempts to get the damn thing repaired properly which resulted in not having any transport at the end of the day. While sitting on the grass waiting for my emergency wifely chauffeuse, I manged to lose my PocketPC phone which I assume after returning to the scene, is now being auctioned on an Omani e-bay site. Omantel's lack of interest rubbed extra salt into the gaping wound.

After unsuccessfully trying to change my password on Omantel's website without success I reluctantly called Tech Support. Following a period of silence and a small amount of keyboard tapping, they informed me there was nothing wrong their end and it should work. 'It still says "unable to change"' I retorted. 'There is a problem with your computer' the technical gentleman stated. 'No there isn't.' Response from Tech Support suggesting 'yes, there is......perhaps a proxy.' 'OK, if there is a problem, can you talk me through how to resolve it?' 'We cannot do that.' 'So how do I change the password if you cannot tell me how to do it?' 'Send us a fax.' I thanked the gentleman for his wisdom and dug around the Omatel site. By accessing email through the website, there is an option to change passwords, which hey....worked. When you want a job done properly........

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