Monday 30 April 2007

Oman: where's my baby?

 The morning included a trip to the local ROP station to report the loss of my PocketPC. Much scribbling later I came away with the same hope of seeing my little baby as I did before I went in. The parting advice was to come back tomorrow for a letter to take to Omantel, but if I knew anyone at the phone company, that might prove more fruitful in tracking down the scoundrel.

A later visit to Omantel was more successful as the card in the phone was cancelled and I was given a new SIMM with the same number for only 2 rials. Splendid. After installing the new card in our backup phone, a very polite lady informed me that there was still the same amount of money on the account, implying the phone had not been used. Explain that then.

In the evening Duncan prepared a rousing chicken curry which was eaten with a couple of vegetable offerings from Lulus. I was also instructed to buy naan bread but after nearly two years here, I learned that they do not start cooking in the evening until 7pm. In order to avoid the wrath of wife, I bought a few packets of Arabic bread instead which turned out to be the size of pillow cases. Still, they did the trick.

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