Tuesday 15 May 2007

Oman: adventures on a plastic banana

As I awoke at 05.45 I thought the house was on fire as Mrs M was getting out of bed at the same time. Apparently I should have overheard a telephone conversation yesterday and inferred that they were going kayaking. Silly me.

Mrs M and Duncan drove to the Chedi Hotel at 08.00 to meet their guide from Muscat Diving and Adventure who took them to Bandar Al Jissah from where they paddled to a bay near the Al Bustan. The clear blue water was perfect for snorking and scaring the pants off the fish* as they scooted over the coral to escape the occasional group of black-tipped sharks.

At the end of the afternoon, they both had useless arm muscles and suntans the colour of malt loaf (with panda eyes in Mrs M's case). Great fun was had by all. I went to work.

My happy time came later on a run at dusk. I sat on the deserted beach after the sun had long since disappeared with the silver sea reflecting horizontal bands of red, grey and white light above the horizon. So peaceful…and hot. I was still peeing Lucozade hours later.

*I know fish do not wear pants. But imagine if they did.


Anonymous said...

Steve, when are you going to do some work. If you have time for all this blogging.....No wonder you applied for the job, after an easy life in DIGLS you clearly couldn't face P implementation in the UK! Rumbled, or hoisted by your own petard.


Mr. Steve said...

To quote Mr. Blackadder.....the words, 'kettle', 'pot' and 'black' spring to mind Rupert. By the way, how is the 'adventurous training' planning going?

Anonymous said...

you both sound like you have too much time on your hands... and I can say that now i have initials and tings after me name!!!!
...and my dad never stops working! He has to to pay for my mothers obsessive Birkenstock habits... and his daughters education!

Missin ya paps

Flossie BA(hons) .... he he he