Thursday 31 May 2007

Oman: numb bum

I dusted off my bike for the first time in two years since leaving Washington. My Omani colleague arrived at 06.30 and we drove towards Seeb to make the most of the (relatively) cool temperatures and the limited number of loonies on the road. We parked on the corniche and headed towards Seeb going through the occasional patch of pungent fish remnants from the beach. The town was bustling with early morning shoppers clutching vegetables, leaves, chickens, doves and industrial-sized packets of toilet paper. Further on the fish market was in full swing as we dodged the erratic movements of cars vying for limited parking spaces.

On the way back my bum cheeks were beginning to remind me that they had not done this for while. Despite the heat, the breeze kept us cool until we reached a shop for a drink and consumed cans of Pocari Sweat* while dripping into large puddles. Must have looked attractive. We continued back to the car and guzzled more water before driving back.

* Originally from Japan where it is marketed as a sports drink, the word 'Pocari' means something like 'cloud floating in the sky'. 'Soggy cotton wool' would have been more appropriate.

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