Monday 4 June 2007

Oman: Will this wind be so mighty……..?

Rumours are beginning to circulate around the city about a storm which is heading for Oman. After recent tsunami predictions one tends to treat these things with amusement, however, this recent gossip has some credibility.

Tropical storm Gonu is sitting out in the Indian Ocean at the moment and heading northwest. It is predicted to build to category 5 (155+ mph) before dropping to category 3 (111 – 130 mph) before it hits the eastern point of Oman by 8pm tomorrow. The intensity will reduce to category 1 as it continues to Muscat early on Wednesday morning. Better get the cats in.

For more details click on the icon under Current Temperature in the right hand column and select the Tropical Weather link under Muscat, Oman. Hang on, I'll do it for you......just click HERE.

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