Monday 11 June 2007

Oman: Ocean's 13

We took our seats for Ocean's 13 at Shatti cinema while last minute gasps of telephonic communication took place all around (those that did turn them off that is). I observed an Omani family arrive with buckets of popcorn, a cardboard holder containing four Pepsi vessels and a plastic container with chips and simulated cheesy gloop with an odour that would disturb a skunk that had really let itself go. That's progress for you.

The volume thankfully reduced to human level as the film commenced which signalled to many in front that crunching could begin. The scriptwriters clearly tried to cram in as many ideas as possible into what surely must be the last of the Ocean series. These ideas were loosely knitted together (with a few dropped stitches) into a reasonably enjoyable romp. It did not come as much of a shock when the rascally bad chaps beat the naughty bad man.

My one really big gripe was the leading lady, Ellen Barkin. Who? Was nobody else available? Far too old and a little baggy for this role for my liking. Sorry.

As the film drew to its inevitable conclusion, the stampede began before print appeared on the screen. We herded out of the cinema trampling over layers of food, cardboard and plastic as men with rubbish bags crawled past in the opposite direction. We were left with a sense of 'humpf'.

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Anonymous said...

well ya cheeky monkies, its not even out in Falmouth yet! how was the izzard? I heard he had a bigger role this time? But that he is not that funny? eh ? what? he should be given the best lines...
hope your trip to America was ok, I really appreciated having mum here, thankyou. And thanks for my card, I like the title! do you have any letters after your name???are'nt you a kinda high ranking now?
xx floss pot