Thursday 25 October 2007

Oman: Tiwi beach

After breakfast and the usual '.....where are my sunglasses?' flap, we drove to Tiwi using as much of the new road as possible. We found our usual beach location which looked considerably different after the cyclone. The good news was that there was plenty of wood! Camp was struck after eating the resort's packed lunch with a squadron of waspy things which did not impress Sophie who ate in the protection of the car. A flock of camels (I looked it up) wandered into the camp as mother and Tracey wrestled with carbon fibre poles and nylon material.

As the sun dipped behind the hills, it was time to construct the first fire of the camping season. I could not hide my delight. The barbeque soon followed. Refreshment was consumed around the roaring flames until sticks of animal, vegetable and mineral were slapped onto the grill under the dim light of a torch. The Medwells ate as if they were family members. We waddled back as close as we could to the fire to make smores and finish the evening testing the girls on history, applied mathematics and sand castling.

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