Friday 26 October 2007

Oman: Tiwi & Wadi Shab

The morning sun sneaked over the horizon as I wandered along the beach, strangely devoid of the usual yellow crabs that I generally engage in conversation. To my amazement, mother soon emerged from the tent, closely followed all the other campers who devoured breakfast with surprising enthusiasm. Returning with spade and TP and a big smile, Dave was very proud to have performed a bodily function in the desert. The girls will hold on until white porcelain is available. 

I had a cunning plan to pack up camp while mother took everyone to Wadi Shab. I didn't have to ask twice and I was soon waving their car goodbye with the prospect of sweating like a sprinkler in the late morning sun, squeezing nylon into bags after removing tent pegs that had set in the concrete and sand mixture.
 Wadi Shab took longer than usual due to nature's adjustment of the terrain during Gonu. Many of the paths have been destroyed and there are rocks, boulders and fallen palm trees to be negotiated in several places. The team ventured into the cave at the end of the walk, swimming through the keyhole.

 A few hours later, the car hove into view in a cloud of dust. The tired occupants described their wadi adventure while making final preparations to return to Muscat, and we were soon back on the new road, speeding most of the way to Qurayyat and on to Muscat. 

At home, the car was swiftly emptied and we were soon showering away the stinkyness of the last few days camping and hot sun. We dined around the garden table, tired and very contented.

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