Thursday 6 November 2008

Oman: a pair of shorts and a tent

We're beginning to realise how grubby our camping equipment is becoming as we erected our sun shade on Tiwi beach next to Paul and Karen's, creating one giant gazebo overlooking the sea. Our sand-stained, smoke-encrusted tent could best be described as 'well-used'.

Paul had promised to catch a nice bit of fish for dinner. Not in any way doubting his fishing skills, we acquired three snappers and one mystery fish from a boat working in the shallow depths near our site.

We snorked away the afternoon in perfect conditions as Mrs M bobbed around on her board before tea and a slice or two of Karen’s magnificent lemon cake.

Evening arrived all too quickly and the smell of fish began to fill the air around the tents. The distinctly sweet, almost perfumed taste of extraordinarily fresh fish with nothing added was appreciated by all while the camp fire commenced operation. More courses followed to satisfy hearty camping appetites.

In the late evening a fox, which had earlier stolen Paul's bait, circled the campsite. It was looking for something tasty....

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Anonymous said...

The mystery fish, I have subsequently discovered (courtesy of the fish counter at Carrefour), was a goatfish. PA