Friday 6 February 2009

Oman: back soon

It was the perfect Omani beach camp morning - blue skies, cool temperatures and little wind. Perhaps the only thing missing was the usual hum of outboard motors as fishing has yet to resume on the north coast.

Just as Steve was commenting that Ian’s catch was not much bigger than his sardine bait, Ian pulled out a 50cm flat-headed fish which according to ‘Reef Fishes - UAE and Gulf of Oman’ was a type of Platycephalidae. Fortunately their spines are not venomous as the beast pierced his foot during the initial struggle.

Breakfast was devoid of one of the traditional cooking smells due to an oversight by Lou who must add the word ‘bacon’ to their laminated list of camping equipment. However, after returning from his triumphant hunting trip, Ian preceded to fill the camp with the delicious aroma of sausage and egg.

A few lazy hours later, it was time to pack everything away and return to Muscat. The sadness was lessened by the knowledge that we will return with visitors in a few days. Oh well, if I must…..

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