Saturday 14 February 2009

Oman: The Morrises arrive

While waiting for Andy, Katie and Holly to appear arrive through customs, we observed a new trend as some passengers pushed their worldly possessions in cardboard boxes wrapped in ever more sophisticated patterns of multi-coloured sting and rope. Clearly, they were not heading for the Shangri-La – you can spot them a mile off; nice European families towing two or three children behind a mountain of suitcases to meet their charming representative who will help relieve them of large amounts of cash for that genuine Omani experience with the least amount of effort. Eventually our guests appeared for their first experience of the Middle East for little more than the price of a box of tea bags and a bottle of late vintage port.

A short breakfast later, we headed to the Shafaq pool to reinforce the 25-degree difference between Bristol and Muscat. Holly reminded us of how life used to be with bossy little four-year-old girls (yes, you Flossie). We played in the pool and on the beach before jet-lag eventually crept up on Andy.

That evening, Holly the ice-cream monster finished dinner with a full belly before her batteries failed only moments before mum and dad. Everyone was excited by the prospect of an early departure for camping tomorrow morning.

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