Tuesday 17 February 2009

Oman: Five go camping

The Morrises slept very well last night, particularly Holly who managed to get over 13 hours of sleep. After a swift breakfast, we bundled them into the car among a stack of slightly smokey camping equipment to place them two hours later on Fins beach. Conditions were absolutely perfect. With camp established, we played in the sea, chased crabs, built sand castles, collected wood and got generally grimy in the sand.
Around four o’clock, an Omani drove to our camp site asking if we had any rubbish. This is a major development (see 26 Nov 2008). I showed him a pile of pile of rubbish collected by previous occupants and he donned a thick rubber glove and cleared the area! Incredible. It doesn’t cure the root problem, but it’s a step in the right direction.
As the sun dropped behind the mountains, we fired up the barbeque and prepared the usual substantial fire. Andy had the time to educate Holly with one of life’s valuable lessons concerning the selection and use of a pokey stick. She will do well.
Under thousands of stars the bottle of port slowly evaporated forcing early retirement.

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