Sunday 19 July 2009

UK: cabin etiquette

Little did I know I was sitting next to a nutter. He seemed to have little control over his limbs and was unaware of aircraft personal space etiquette. His best habit was making a load 'huwaaa' noise when yawning which took place every bloody five minutes throughout the flight. I’m sure the guy in front thought it was me. The finale was an almost predictable spilling of the coffee. My body language spoke volumes.

Smelling of stale coffee, I met the driver from Hotel Daisy in arrivals and I was soon taking a short recharge nap in the company of the owner. A few hours later, Mrs M arrived and we spent several hours redistributing our combined booty by weight into three cases.

That night, the staff prepared a splendid final meal comprising Spanish pork stew with potatoes and chorizo with a Woodbridge Californian Shiraz and a delightful Chateau du Moulin Noir 2004 Lussac-Saint-Emillion. For desert we compared Willie's Venezuelan Delectable Cacao 72 against Peruvian 70 chocolate. The chefs were felicitated.

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