Saturday 18 July 2009

USA: hot dogs and erectile dysfunction

Having almost missed flights at San Diego airport in the past due to enormous queues, I arrived three-and-a-half hours early for the first leg to Dallas Fort Worth. I therefore had plenty of time in which to search for something edible for breakfast. I did not succeed.

There were two restaurants. The sign outside 'Nathan's ' illustrated a range of breakfast hotdogs. The second option was 'Bloody Mary's' where I reluctantly ordered a rubberised egg sandwich (cheese and bacon withheld) served with deep fried potatoes. The paper underneath this arrangement was designed to soak up surplus grease.
As the morning progressed, the noise level in the bar increased as customers in pink and yellow shirts supplemented the British Open commentary with words I did not understand. The woman on the table next to me caught me smirking at an advert for Cialis (a treatment for erectile dysfunction), which stated at full volume, ‘…..when the moment is right, you’ll be ready’. She may have misunderstood.

Thankfully the flight to DFW passed quickly leaving just over an hour to change planes. A request for an upgrade was met with initial sucking of teeth and a dog’s bottom mouth. After tapping away on the keyboard, the agent reversed her decision stating that a seat in Traveller Plus had already been allocated. I wasn’t going to argue.

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