Friday 26 March 2010

Oman: Farewell Ras Al Hadd

Fisherman Ras Al HaddThe sun rose with less drama than on previous occasions, looking like a light bulb behind a sheet of tracing paper in the grey sky. As dawn progressed, I sat on the craggy rocks for over an hour watching an old man fishing with his three sons in a boat. While their father sat in the bows, the eldest son took command of the engine while the youngest fished with enthusiastic arm movements. The middle son clearly wanted to be somewhere else.

After a while, they raised the anchor, steered towards the rocks and beckoned me on board. Sadly, it was too dangerous to reach the boat and my camera wasn’t all that keen on the idea either. I was forced to decline and returned back to the huts reflecting on yet another example of kindness and generosity which is so typical of the Omani people.
While our group toasted under varying degrees of shade, the wedding preparations increased in intensity. The restaurant area was reorganised and decorated. Two girls wrestled with sheets of white nylon net curtain material in the strong wind to decorate one of the sun shades on the beach where the ceremony would take place.
Sur Beach Hotel
It did not seem appropriate to hang around for lunch, so we departed at noon to have lunch in Sur. As we drove away from the resort, we looked across the shallow inlet to see the line of white buildings in Hadd contrasting dramatically with the deep blue sky, the large area of wet sand, patches of turquoise water and the occasional flamingo. A wonderful memory.

Go and visit the area before someone builds a hotel and golf course (I'm serious).

We stopped for lunch at the Sur Beach Hotel. The restaurant on the first floor was completely empty and we took a large table overlooking dreary buildings and a disappointing beach. The food was good as was the service and the final bill.

We said our goodbyes in the car park and blasted back to Muscat on empty roads.

Another excellent weekend.

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Jan and Ian said...

Yes, a great time with such great friends made it memorable for us too.....we will think of you each time we return to the Resort in the future!