Thursday 25 March 2010

Oman: Ras Al more time

Fisherman Ras Al HaddWe have enjoyed many trips to Ras Al Hadd in the last few years. With temperatures rising and our departure a few weeks away, we took friends for probably our last opportunity to visit to the Turtle Beach Resort.

The sun sparkled on the crystal clear water as we settled down on the beach for the afternoon. I reflected on some of my most vivid memories from Ras Al Hadd; going out with fishermen in the early morning to see the dolphins, rescuing a turtle caught in a fishing net, snorkelling to visit the resident spotted moray eel, chatting with old Omani men in the fort, and the best chips in Oman…..

As the sun disappeared, we sat together before dinner with English bebsi* to check our diaries for the next few weeks. The women had it all under control.

In the late evening, the normally relaxed atmosphere was interspersed with frenetic preparations for a wedding taking place tomorrow. A group of women sat around a table arranging ribbons and bows while men hung up disco lights, tinkered with moisture blowing fans and performed sound system checks.

We adjourned to our huts to enjoy the rest of the warm evening in a ring of plastic chairs under a sky crammed with stars.

*Bebsi = Pepsi (no 'p' in Arabic), English bebsi = beer.

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