Monday 2 August 2010

Singapore: Fluffy cats, iPods and headphones

A month of quarantine has affected the cats in different ways. Koofi, the rough, tough, killer puss whined like a big baby on the way back to the apartment in the taxi. The two girls made little fuss. At least nobody made a smell in the cab. The most noticeable change is in the length of their fur which has grown significantly in the cool(er) climate. Koofi had the fur of a snooker table in Oman and is now fluffy. It just doesn't look right. The three were not impressed with the apartment, particularly the lack of garden. We assured them that the situation would be rectified in a few weeks.

At some point in the day I realised I'd left my iPod and Bose headphones on the plane. There was no reply from the airline so I sent them a nice email. Call me Mr. Sceptical, but I am not expecting to see them again.

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