Sunday 29 August 2010

Singapore: Samy's Curry

Sammy's Curry - Dempsey VillageWe entered the enormous high-ceilinged room at Samy's Curry in Dempsey Village at 6.00pm before the evening rush and were soon whisked to a table next to a large shuttered window. Black ceiling fans whirred overhead, doing their best to move the air round the waiters that glistened with perspiration.

We selected our dishes from the main counter and returned to our seats to sip on cold beer. Moments later, waiters arrived wielding small stainless steel buckets dripping with dhal and various sauces which were unceremoniously slapped onto banana leaves to be consumed with the padpad.

Before the appetizers were finished, a mountain of rice was loaded onto the leaves followed by our chosen dishes. The spicy mutton was quite magnificent. Apparently, it is customary to fold the leaf over and place the cutlery on top when finished. We'll know next time - and there will be a next time.

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