Saturday 25 September 2010

Singapore: Happy cats

The last few months have been rather stressful for the cats. Pumped full of chemicals and microchips in Muscat, incarcerated for a month in quarantine with no Snappy Tom catfood and then a few weeks in tiny apartment. Koofi had cabin fever. These are Omani cats used to their space. We had to explain why they couldn't go out when we got to the new house.

Now that they are allowed out, Akhi and Koofi spend most of their day in the back garden while Abbey has found a hole in the fence which leads into an open area of jungle. There are plenty of animals, birds and creepy crawlies to keep them occupied, but no snakes so far. We suspect Abbey may have fallen into a drainage ditch yesterday as she looked like a drowned rat. She recovered on the sofa after a brisk rubdown with a towel.

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