Saturday 27 November 2010

Singapore: The Botanic Gardens

Normally I wear sweat-soaked running kit when visiting the Botanic Gardens, but this time was little more sedate as I strolled through the grounds with Mrs M.

The elderly guardian of the turnstile launched herself in our direction at the Orchid Garden but granted us permission to proceed on sight of our tickets.

Mrs M’s eyes were like saucers. ‘Ooh, it’s lovely,’ she squeaked on more than one occasion as we wandered from one plant to another. At one point we entered a bizarre world as we went into a cool greenhouse and exited into the warmth. The sight of a squirrel was the highlight of my day.

Still in raptures, an afternoon tea at the Halia (ginger in Malay) restaurant would have finished the day nicely for Mrs M. However, it was not to be as they had stopped serving ten minutes before we arrived. A nice mug of English breakfast tea at the visitor centre went down very well instead and was probably an order of magnitude cheaper.

‘We’ll have to come back,’ she said.

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