Saturday 20 November 2010

Singapore: Roast duck

Roast duck - Ghim Moh marketThe Ghim Moh market and food courts were packed with people from the surrounding housing development blocks either shopping or taking breakfast.
Shrine - Ghim Moh market
I sat with a ‘coffee o’ watching a woman dead-heading a bag of beansprouts to be sold that morning. Stall holders and shoppers performed rituals offering food and money to a strangely whiskered gentleman covered in fruit in the hope that he would bring them good fortune. When asked, one lady informed me emphatically that his was ‘Taoist, not Buddhist’. OK.

The queue at the popular duck stall was beginning to reduce after snaking around several stands earlier in the morning - access to the bean curd and fish ball stands was now possible.


Wendy said...

You've gone all foodie in Singapore! Not that I blame you.

What I remember most about Singapore was having a breakfast curry with potatoes that was the single most divine thing I'd ever eaten in my life to that point. No idea where (except that it was a street-vendor-type place) or what kind of curry. But if I were in Singapore, it would be my mission to find that stuff again.

I hadn't checked in for a while, looking forward to browsing!

Mr. Steve said...

Ooooh, yum. I remember potato curry with boiled eggs in Rajastan. I accept your challenge - I'll let you know if I find it in Singapore. I think I know where to look.