Thursday 27 January 2011

Bangladesh: Mr. Creosote

Coffee stall DhakaI don't mind the long days without food. I don't mind siting in a car for an hour or two trying to race somewhere in Dhaka's gridlocked traffic only to find the address is incorrect. I don't mind the smog or the different standards of hygiene, even when we get stuck in traffic on a road with an overflowing sewer (every day). I don't mind eating or drinking the food and drink so politely offered by each host. Cockroaches don't bother me. You get used to the headaches.

But I did have to question my limits today. On one visit, I spent a couple of hours with the staff of a company while the owner (sadly afflicted with a stroke) was trying to talk to me in gibberisGreen Road Dhakah dotted with the occasional understandable word. Someone brought the usual plate of nibbles and a drink. After a while, I heard a sound like a cat about to be sick and he proceeded to vomit over the table next to me (within splash distance). 'That's unusual,' I thought. It wasn't so much the vomiting but the fact that the staff acted as if nothing had happened and left the poor chap for five minutes before someone produced a rag to clear up the mess, Mr. Creosote style.

Reflecting on the incident in the car, I realised I had eaten the same things as the unfortunate gentleman. My bottom was not impressed with the prospect.


Unknown said...


Great story.
Was there any upside to this trip?


muneebahmed2 sevice said...

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