Saturday 1 January 2011

Singapore: Night Safari

Night Safari Singapore ZooHeavy rain and steamed-up windows reduced visibility to a few metres as we drove to the zoo for the Night Safari. Mrs M had correctly predicted that the storm would pass by the time we finished eating at the Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant. She was not wrong. As the queues for the tram were ugly, we headed for the trails.

Away from the hideous crowds, it felt as if were we on our own in the middle of the jungle as we strolled into the rain forest along dark, humid, musty tracks. Occasional animal noises and drips from the trees, which turned to light rain, added to the Jurassic Park feeling as we encountered tigers, hyenas, lions, otters stacked in a pile, flying squirrels, fishing cats and spotted leopards. In the bat enclosure, we were strafed by huge fruit bats stretching their wings after hanging around all day.

After a couple of hours, we headed back to the main entrance to take the tram through some of the areas not covered by the walking paths. The bizarre accent, cadence, inappropriate emphasis, pauses and inflection of the commentary caused much amusement but added little to the overall experience.

Back at the entrance plaza, it was clear why there are a few negative reviews of the Night Safari. It is expensive, it is crowded, the shows are tacky and the shops are full of the usual tourist tat. Having said that, the night walk through the rain forest was worth every penny.


Suburban said...


I am enjoying catching up on your latest adventures immensely. Perhaps you and Mrs.M would like a posting in Houston? I can almost guarantee you it is the most deceptively foreign place on earth. Mrs. M might be interested to know that Cotted cream is, however, widely available.

Thanks for your lovely comment over at mine. Please do keep in touch!


Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

I have apparently recieved the book a long time ago but there are alot of M's in Oman alas and I forgot to list the entire geneology on the postal address alas:)

Thank you so much again, now I have to make time to read it.

A friend is trying to convince us to visit Singapore so MOP is reading your blog. ;)

I don't think he knows how to comment. Blogs are new for him.

Mr. Steve said...

Hope you enjoy the book OP. Let me know if you need a tour guide for Singapore!