Saturday 5 February 2011

Singapore: Sands SkyPark

Marina Bay Sands Hotel SingaporeOnce a parking spot has been located under Marina Bay Sands it is then a matter of piecing together some of the visual clues hidden among the glossy shops, casino lights and indoor sampan rides (‘for that luxury boating experience’) to find the entrance to the SkyPark in the basement of Tower 3 on the other side of the road.

Once we got over the shock of realising we were only three years away from qualifying as seniors, we ran through the ‘conditions of entry’ and left our box cutters, lSkyPark viewaser pointers and picnic blankets at the desk before making our way to the 57th floor.

The public observation deck is limited to the bow end of the banana-shaped boat which sits somewhat bizarrely on top of the three towers. The remaining area is for hotel guests and includes a 150-metre infinity pool. A few customers looked slightly lost as they wandered round the public deck dressed only in hotel dressing gowns and slippers.

The view from the tower is spectacular. So is the price of the tea at $24++ for two cups (beer $16 - $18 a bottle!?). Yikes. If cake had been on the menu, we might have broken the $100 barrier for the afternoon’s entertainment.

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