Sunday 22 January 2012

Malaysia: Cameron Highlands – last day

Orang Asli village on Route 5, Cameron HighlandsIt was wonderful to wake up once again with the windows wide open, a cool breeze and the gentle chatter of birds. We checked out of the hotel and headed south on the sun-drenched twisty road that drops 1400 metres to Tapah. The road was jammed with families in cars taking advantage of the long holiday weekend. There was chaos around the tea plantations as vehicles blocked the road in an attempt to find somewhere to park.

After passing a few Orang Asli villages and shacks, we stopped briefly at the Lata Iskandar Waterfall where hundreds of visitors spent the morning playing in the water or taking photos on their mobile phones. Numerous food stalls lined the road and there were more pots, baskets, bizarre vegetableLata Iskandar Waterfall - Route 5, Cameron Highlandss, blow pipes, bows and arrows and honey on sale for gullible visitors. Despite my protestations, we are now the proud owners of a wind chime (which hangs motionless outside our house as Singapore has many types of climactic conditions, but wind is not one of them).

The road was very quiet towards Tapah where it levelled out to join the E1 for the long drive towards Singapore. Judging by the traffic in the opposite direction, I was right to postpone possible diversions to the Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary or the Batu Caves Temple – those can wait for another occasion.

Five hours later, we reached the deserted roads on the island which was celebrating the arrival of the Chinese New Year.

I think we might do that again.

It should be noted that Mrs M sustained no injuries during this sojourn.

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