Saturday 21 January 2012

Malaysia: Jungle trekking in the Cameron Highlands

Jungle Trek 3, Cameron Highlands
Fuelled by another high calorie breakfast, we headed for Trek 3 close to the Smokehouse hotel. Although there were no signs near the Arcadia Bungalow (4°29'1.89"N, 101°22'57.74"E) two local girls pointed us in the right direction towards the official start of Trek 3 (4°28’57.7“N, 101°23’06.7”E). The path was slippery and boggy in places - rather like walking on chocolate mousse. The trails were well marked with signs at junctions and reflective arrows nailed to the trees along the route.
Jungle Trekking, Cameron Highlands
Forty minutes later, we reached the junction with Trek 2 (4°28’56.5”N, 101°23’30”E) which heads north towards the Sam Poh Temple visited yesterday. Continuing on Trek 3 for another forty minutes, we found the junction with Trek 5 (4°28’42.1”N, 101°23’42.0”E) which heads back down the valley towards Tanah Rata and avoids the climb to the top of Gunung Beremban.
Jungle Trek 5, Cameron Highlands
A few minutes later, we discovered a shelter at the junction of Treks 5 and 6 where Trek 2 mysteriously reappears. Trek 6 and Trek 2 are not marked in this area in the Lonely Planet Guide or our rather poor hotel map (remarkable similarity between the two).

We continued on Trek 5 in light, rather refreshing, drizzle. After a total of almost 3 hours, we arrived at the end of the Trek 5 which leads into a commercial market garden near the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (04°28’13.7”N, 101°23’12.4”E). At this point, a storm forced us to take cover for a while until our involuntary snoozing was disturbed by a coach load of school children and parents that also took refuge under our shelter. It was a short walk into Tanah Rata where a taxi sat in the taxi station as if waiting for our arrival.

A jolly good walk in the woods.


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