Friday 20 January 2012

Malaysia: Tea plantations and plastic strawberries

Boh Tea planation, Cameron HighlandsWe sat in bed drinking Cameron Highland tea with the windows wide open allowing a cool breeze and the sound of twittering sparrows to drift into the room - a wonderful change from the clamminess or frigid air-conditioned climate of Singapore. Rolling machine undergoing maintenance, Boh Tea plantation

After a hearty English breakfast we drove a few kilometres past enormous plastic strawberries (farm signs) to the Boh Tea plantation. It was not possible to take a guided tour as the factory was closed for maintenance, but we were able to wander though the building to look at some of the machines that have been working since the factory opened in the 1930s.

Rows of tea plants, Boh Tea plantation, Cameron Highlandssome on impossibly steep terrain, filled the small valley with slightly different shades of green according to how recently they were picked. There was not much evidence of picking today, except for a couple of chaps with shears equipped with plastic buckets and the occasional white bag which appeared to float along the paths with its owner hidden by the bushes.

It would have been impolite not to have taken tea in the café.

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