Monday 1 July 2013

Singapore: Where are all the monkeys?

Mrs M had constructed hearty sandwiches for a family walk in MacRitchie Park to see the monkeys. Heavy rain eased to a fine drizzle which kept the temperature at relatively low levels.The highlight of the Tree Top Walk is the suspension bridge which, despite attempts to wobble the structure by his two sons, Stewart survived by holding on with two hands. Alas, there were no naughty monkeys as we had promised.
After almost three hours of monkey-less adventuring the Other Ms met a family of the rascals just a stone’s throw from the car park which gave them them the opportunity to take large numbers of monkey-scratching-bottom-or-genitals photos for the family album. 

On the way home, the smell of six sweaty and rain-soaked people in a small hatchback brought back memories of our musty Golden Retiever after his Sunday moring swim. 

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