Thursday 26 September 2013

Singapore: Green beer is wrong

Red Dot Monster Green Lager beer infused with spurlina
Last night I met a former acquaintance from America and a couple of colleagues for a few beers in The Red Dot BrewHouse in Dempsey Hill. They are used to green food colouring in beer in the States on 'St. Paddy's Day', but one of the Red Dot's beers is infused with spirulina, which according to wiki is a cyanobacterium. They seemed to know all about the supplement which is quite common in America. Whatever it is, green beer is just wrong.

I fear that this will appeal to Mrs M who has gone completely potty making her own food. Last night there was a large blob of homemade cheese in what looked like a nappy hanging from a kitchen cupboard. This evening, the strained curd is being compressed under 14 tins of Friskies cat food and baked beans. Earlier today, she made olive oil soup which was meant to be mayonnaise. Sigh.

Someone send me pie.

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Anonymous said...

Green beer sound brilliant! I'm afraid you are going to have to try one & report back! Al. x