Saturday 21 September 2013

Singapore: Pasar Bella

Beer at Pasar Bella - Old Turf Club, Bukit TimahToday, Mrs M dragged me to Pasar Bella at the old Turf Club in Bukit Timah. The multi-storey car park has been turned in a confusing collection of depressing car showrooms while the grandstand is home to a large number of restaurants and the Pasar Bella market. 

Paella - Pasar Bella, Old Turf Club Bukit TimahThis is not your ordinary market but the sort of place that people with pallid complexions and no muscles go shopping for purple carrots because they think they’ll be healthier. Stalls included  organic dishwasher liquid, vegetarian shower gels, oils with hand-written labels, free-range air fresheners, cheese, fangled rice and pasta, milk free milk, salt with stuff added, Peruvian quinoa, garish flowers, meat, bread, wine, soup, soap tied with ribbons, paella (yum, but in a cardboard box?) pork crackling, artisanal ice cream, truffle oils for every occasion, beer and the inevitable range of pills and potions. 

Even Mrs M, who is used to paying the price of a tank of petrol for a vegetable declined to pay $9 for a twig of broccoli. However, she did buy me a pie to keep me happy.

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