Sunday 15 February 2015

Singapore: Sketching in Bugis with a didgeridoo

Kwam Im Thong Hood temple - Bugis

Chinese New Year decorationsDidgeridoo on Waterloo Rd, BugisThe weather was perfect for a bit of a scribble in Bugis this morning. As I started a sketch of the Kwam Im Thong Hood temple with my new set of Copic pens, a musician was settling down to play the didgeridoo which drew a small crowd. Unfortunately I had already roughed the outline of the scene, so couldn't fit the chap in the gap to the lower right - besides a didgeridoo outside a Chinese temple would be rather like a blancmange in Constable painting.

Waterloo Street was crammed with shoppers preparing to welcome in the year of the goat. Unfortunately, Mrs M will be travelling to London over the holiday, although it means I will have a four-day weekend to draw more gaudy sketches. It's only a phase. It will pass.

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Anonymous said...

so if this is the sketch Mum was talking about with the colours, I actually think the colours are great! Now I have seen it, the colours add to the life and movement of the sketch... nice one. x