Tuesday 18 April 2006

India: the Golden Triangle - Jaipur

Mrs M's shopping plans were in two phases: Phase I: jewelry. We found a seedy little shop in Jaipur and after what seemed like hours, she had selected amethysts, designed the settings, selected the chain and allowed me to negotiate the price. Haggling over, they promised to deliver to the hotel tomorrow morning.

Phase II: linen stuff. Not convinced Mrs M really had a plan here, hence we shown every piece of bloody fabric in the warehouse. We escaped with two bedcovers, 3 cushion covers and 2 lampshade thingies. The additional purchase of a silk painting reduced the agony somewhat.

We finished the trip in a restaurant recommended in the Lonely Planet guide called ‘Niro’s’. Very popular and lively, I had a superb goat liver curry washed down with Kingfisher beer, while Mrs M sipped soup followed by a mountain of ice cream and fresh mango. Very, very tasty.

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Dave said...

goat liver curry = bacterial dysentry! none of this "I'll eat vegetarian to avoid delhi belly" for you then Mr Mace eh?! I had a similarly gung ho spirit when I went there, then the bottom fell out of world....