Thursday 27 December 2007

Oman: almost as good as camping

Suffering from a lack of camping, we took a few of our outdoor toys to the beach for an impromptu evening barbeque. We found several large (but slightly fishy) logs near the house and headed to a secluded spot on Azaibah beach. 

The barbeque was soon under way followed by a splendidly robust fire. The latter was not started by my ‘Steel-of-Fire’ totally weatherproof survival tool which broke after a few strikes. That’s going back.

Al fished by torchlight and mother sat in her camping chair trying out several of her Christmas presents, purring like a contented pussy cat. The food was soon ready and we ate with appropriate passion around the fire.

A few hours later, we threw everything into the back of the Prado for the five minute journey back to the house. This sort of camping appealed to our Flossie - all the pleasures with a cosy bed and clean toilet.

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