Tuesday 1 January 2008

Oman: New Year's Eve

Mr. Aziz had done a splendid job making a new dress for Floss and Al who looked smarter than his first day at big school. We posed for a photo before heading to the New Year's party at the Intercontinental Hotel.

Mother confessed that she had forgotten to tell me the ticket price, and after perusing the food displays, I understood why. Floss had not seen anything like it since visiting the Manoir (a posh transport café in Oxford). We consumed in a manner consistent with the family reputation, accompanied by much in-family humour.

The boys were inexplicably absent from our table's midnight celebrations – we can't recall exactly why. Mother was in a happy place on the dance floor, Flossie wrestled with a Champagne bottle……the rest is a bit vague.

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